Our Mission

Longevity Direct empowers patients with prescription based medications and a complete toolkit for getting the very best results.

The complete wellness ecosystem.

We know that taking medication and supplementation without tracking results is yesterday’s approach. By including lab testing, advice, feedback, progress monitoring and more, you and your clinician can be sure of the effectiveness of the therapeutics we offer. It’s a holistic approach that we’re proud of.

Quality assured, purity guaranteed.

From selecting the right pharmaceutical manufacturers to extensive lab tests, we are quality and purity focused. We don’t believe in compromise, and unlike many online services, we offer US quality standards from our pharmaceuticals to our medical staff.

Technology driven, human oriented.

Our patients enjoy seamlessly using their wearables, our unique blēo bands, our AI powered app and more, because we understand the power of technology that fits into day to day life. We know that convenience beats complexity so we’re all about ways to use technology that are simple and effective.

Science based, every time.

Our research base spans all known longevity studies, alongside specialist medical papers, data trained into our advanced AI system. This gives us unparalleled access to insights which help us ensure everything from doses to protocols are optimized for success.

Science & Medical Advisors

Our advisory board spans specialist scientists, medical experts, and longevity insiders with decades of combined experience.

Picture of Nataliya Vorobyeva

Nataliya Vorobyeva

Nataliya's University background is in molecular and cell biology – specifically immunogenetics, and her Ph.D. study was in Neuroscience. Before joining Longevity Direct she led the scientific department of longevity and aging research in Switzerland.

Picture of James Kuo

James Kuo

Dr Kuo has extensive expertise across biotech, medical devices, venture capital and pharmaceuticals. He has been CEO, Chairman, Co-Founder and he has strong experience in clinical development, particularly across CNS and Neurology.

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