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We believe longevity is about the whole person. It is a long-term, holistic approach. We are proud to be part of a network of solution providers that allows us to offer a complete longevity suite.

  • INCLUSIVE - Personal Guidance - advice from clinicians, longevity specialists to get answers from experts.
  • FREE - blēo band (RRP $149) - packed with sensors to track millions of longevity signals, from blood oxygen to stress.
  • FREE - The Longevity AI - personalized longevity coaching trained on leading longevity research.
  • Lab Testing - A combination of blood and salvia tests and our AI enhanced platform we can open up actionable insights into your body and your specific longevity needs.
  • DISCOUNTED - Saints One - the world's most powerful non-prescription longevity supplement program.

Discover the power of blēo

Packed with advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms, blēo tracks and analyzes a wide range of health metrics, from heart rate and sleep patterns to physical activity and vital signs.

+20 Realtime Biomarkers

The companion app, available for both Android and iOS, serves as your gateway to the world of longevity science, offering personalized recommendations and connecting you with The Longevity AI.

What's inside
The Longevity AI?

The Longevity AI is your free longevity coach for life.

blēo advanced sensor technology helps to bring The Longevity AI to life.

You can chat to your AI longevity coach anytime, day or night, about your diet, sleep, supplements, medicines, physical activity and much more.

aI Enhanced insights

Smart Stack

Supplements just got smart.

The stack foundation. A powerful AI personalized supplement stack. The 26 most effective longevity compounds known, perfected for you.

Clinical grade. Independently lab tested for purity.

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